Outward Star Mushroom

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Star Mushroom – Official Outward Wiki


Star Mushroom is a food item in the game Outward. Restores 5% Hunger Player receives Mana Ratio Recovery (level 2) Gatherable SourcesMerchant SourcesEnemy …

Outward Crafting Recipes Guide – Food, Alchemy, Weapons …


… In our Outward Crafting Recipes Guide, we’ve shown you everything you need to … Astral Potion: 1x Star Mushroom + 1x Turmmip + Clean Water …

Star Mushroom (Gatherable) – Official Outward Wiki


Star Mushroom (Gatherable) is a type of gathering resource in Outward, typically found in Dungeons. Contents. 1 Items Obtained; 2 Locations. 2.1 Maps.

Recipes and blueprints in Outward – Outward Guide | gamepressure …


… Required ingredients: Clean Water, Common Mushroom, Thick Oil. Item: Astral Potion. Required ingredients: Star Mushroom, Turmmip, …

Mushroom – Official Outward Wiki


The following is a list of items in Outward that fulfill the “Mushroom” … Blood Mushroom Common Mushroom Grilled Woolshroom Nightmare Mushroom Star …

crafting recipes : r/outwardgame


… Astral Potion 1x Clean Water 1x Star Mushroom 1x Turnip … r/outwardgame – Living rent free on the inn’s patio, and I even get.

Complete Guide To All Alchemy Recipes In Outward


… Potions And Elixirs ; Astral Potion. 1x Star Mushroom; 1x Turmmip; 1x Water. Restores: 50% Mana; 20 Burnt Mana; 90 Thirst ; Barrier Potion. The …

Helen’s Fungus – Outward Wiki Guide – IGN


… This quest is one of the many Minor Quests found in Outward. You obtain it by speaking to Helen Turnbull in Cierzo.

Outward Recipes – Alchemy, Cooking… Full List –


Outward Recipes – Alchemy. Potions. Astral Potion: Star Mushroom, Turmmip and also Clean Water; Life Potion: Clean Water, Blood Mushroom and also Gravel …

Outward Recipes 2020 – Alchemy, Cooking, Weapons & Armor Full …


… Outward Recipes – Alchemy. Potions. Astral Potion: Star Mushroom, Turmmip and also Clean Water; Life Potion: Clean Water, Blood Mushroom and …

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