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CCS is creditors Collection Services Inc has an online portal to collect primary and legal collection services. It is established in the year 1974. From almost 45 years, CCS has been leading in the credits collection services. Credit collection services Norwood ma has an active and user-friendly website for the customers to make it easy to do their payments. CCS is a website to collect debts from customers. This website is completely secured and all the information is only used to collect debts.

With any customer can flexibly set up their payment schedule and make payments as per the schedule. CCSpayments allow the customers to pay entire bills under one platform. It can make your payments simple and comfortable. In our busy life, we may forget paying our bills. Also, it is a big headache to go to different websites and pay for each bill. Instead, if you choose css legit you can pay your credit bills all at once.


Is Beneficial?

CCS is a member of ACA International that is the association of credit and collection professionals. They provide professional services for every customer. They are committed to providing services with integrity. gives an amazing platform for you to pay all your credit bills at on go. You can go to payment plans and set up a specific amount and pay automatically. Customers can easily avail this offer through the phone. You can log in and pay your credits at Ccs pay without contacting the collection agents. That makes your payment simple.

How to login CCSpayment?

To login the ccspayment you will need to first review and process your forms. The customers may get a call from agents to set up a payment plan. You may need to send the required forms to Credit Collection Services. The best and simple way to send forms is via online CCS website. If the forms are received online, they will be reviewed within 24 hours. There is an alternate option to send forms that are through fax. The documents received from fax will take 48 hours to review and process. CCS also contacts customers through emails. When they contact you through the mail you should have 11 digit file number in the mailer. 9

As you know the benefits of using CCS payment website you may be looking to know how to make a payment to any of your credits. First, to make any payment through credit collection services you need to login to CCSPay. To login ccs pay. Initially, you need to register to CCSpay. The new user can register to the creditor collection services you should provide your name, date of birth and Social Security Number (SSN). Once you are registered, you need to enter a few details to login ccspayment.

  • Go to CCS Payment official website
  • Enter 6 characters CCS Master
  • Enter last 4 digits of your social security number (SSN)
  • Enter your pin number
  • Click on Login

If you enter the right credentials you can login successfully. You can find your login credentials in the corner of your CSS notice. Ensure that the alpha characters are in capital letters. In case you are facing issues in logging in you can take assistance by dialing 888-212-8010.


How to make payment www ccspayment com?  

  • To make your payments all at once through ccs pay to go to
  • Login to ccspay by following the above-mentioned steps to login
  • Click on Make a payment button
  • You can make your payments using a credit card or debit card
  • The payment receipts will be sent to your registered email id.

How to Contact CCSPay?

  • You can send your query through email to CCSpay support team to
  • You may also dial 888-212-8010 and talk to a CCS pay representative. The representatives will be available from Monday to Saturday from 8 am to 8 pm
  • You can also send your query through the CCSpay website by providing few mandatory details like Name, Address, city, State, Zip, Email address and Telephone number.


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