Quickpayportal @ www.quickpayportal.com for Medical bills

Do you want to make a fast and safe medical payment, then Quickpayportal @ www.quickpayportal.com is the perfect place. Online payment has become much easy and safer these days. You can pay your medical bills using Quickpayportal website at any time because it is 24/7.

Many Hospitals in United states are providing their patients to pay their medical bills and due amounts online. QuickpayPortal is one such facility where you can pay the bills using the 15 digit Quickpay code.

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Quickpayportal is designed by Athenahealth, a company well known for providing the cloud based health care services. www.quickpayortal.com is the official web address for the portal.The portal is designed with a clean and easy to use interface. Athenahealth has also developed a patient portal, where you can request or schedule oppointments, check the test and lab reports, pay the bills online, request prescriptions and refils etc. Also this portal can be accessed using the Desktop, tablet and even with a smart mobile phone, thereby providing an opportunity for the patients to stay more connected with their Medcical organisations.

Step by step process to login and use Quickpayportal service using quickpay code

  • First visit the quickpayportal official wesbite www.quickpayportal.com.
  • The portal can be used by the patient or any of his guarantor to pay the bills.
  • You need either Quickpay code, Statement ID or access code to sign in to the portal. This code can be found on the Patient statement provided by the Hospital.
  • Enter the QuickPay code and click on the blue colored Sign In button.
  • Now you will be redirected to a page, where you can see all the portal services. Check for the due bills and make the payment.

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FAQ’s about www.quickpayportal.com

  • What are the requirements to sign in to the Quickpayportal?

To sign to Quickpayportal, you use QuickPay code, Statement ID or Access Code which can be found on the patient statement provided by the Hospital.

  • Is quickpayportal.com safe to use?

Yes, Quickpayportal service is trusted by many famous hospitals in US and it is safe and secure to pay via Quickpayportal. Also you will find payment confirmation status on the portal.

  • How much should i pay to use this service?

Quickpayportal is completely free to use and you will not be charged a single penny. Patients can make use of this portal 24/7 to pay their bills.

  • Can I use QuickPay Portal on mobile?

Yes, one can use quickpay portal service on mobile phones by visiting www.quickpayportal.com 

  • Does every hospital uses quickpayportal service?

Right now, some hospitals in United states are providing the payment option using QuickPayportal. The number of Hospitals using this service, is increasing day by day. You can share your views about quickpayportal through comment section.

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10 thoughts on “Quickpayportal @ www.quickpayportal.com for Medical bills

  1. http://www.quickpayportal.com to make a payment online is very helpfull.Thanks for the detailed info

  2. Thanks for the detailed information about quickpayportal, the best medical billing portal.

  3. Found an amazing blog post on quickpayportal for hospital online billpayments. This website provides all the important aspects in detail regarding http://www.quickpayportal.com quickpay and its services, sign up, bill payment etc. Thanks and keep up the best work.

  4. Hi am Robert, recently i got to know about quickpayportal when i visited a dermatologist. I was given a billing statement which included the quickpay code. It was my first time paying bill online and believe me it was too easy. I could pay my bill from my place online with just a few clicks. I felt http://www.quickpayportal.com as a secure service to pay medical bills.

  5. Good morning , I am trying to reach someone to discuss my bill and the number listed is not a valid number. Do you have a good working number

  6. Yolanda Voyles says:

    Yes, when I go to the Pay online at QuickPay, It gives me a error about my credit card twice! I have used this QuickPay before without any problems. Why am I having problems now? I can not call you because my voice services on my cell phone is not reachable, sorry. Please let know what to do. I live up in the mountains and the only way to pay my bills is on online. Thank You for understanding our problem. You can email me at…
    Thank You…………………Yolanda

  7. Trying to pay in QuickPay Portal: Gives me reading Code is invalid. Just received this bill.

  8. Patient Account # 937486A2433 Gordon W Dunn This is Mrs. Dunn, I’m trying to make a quickpay on your quickpay portal but I am getting Invalid QuickPay Code: MMFW-GG7R-QXT1-3Q4
    Please fix so I can make the payment..

  9. RONALD SEARCY says:

    I would like to use my alight smart -choice card to make payment , the quick payportal is not letting me make a payment and nobody will help me with this problem

  10. I’m trying to make payment on this quickpayportal.com but it’s not letting me in. I have my code and when I punch it in, it doesn’t work.

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