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Peryourhealth. Here you will come to know about one of the best platform, which enables you to manage your medical bills online. If you are looking for a platform, where you can check your medical dues, pay the bills online and even schedule them over a period of time, then Peryourhealth is the best option.

Pay Medical bills using Peryourhealth

Paying health bills has become much easier these days. With Peryourhealth, you can pay your bills online from your own place instead of visiting the Hospital. To pay the medical bills, you need the account number from the billing statement given by the Hospital or the registered user ID.

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To access Peryourhealth, visit the official website and enter the account number or your registered user id in the box provided and click on continue. After successfully loging into your account, you can pay your due bills, check previous transactions and schedule the payments etc.

How can i register with Peryourhealth?

To register with Peryourhealth, you have to make use of the billing account id and access key found on your billing statement.

How to recover the Peryourhealth User Id?

Visit the following Page and enter the billing account number in the box provided and click on continue. You will recieve the user id to your registered email address.

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So friends, i hope the information here about the online medical bill payment portal, peryourhealth will be useful to you. If you have any doubts about the portal, you can share through comment section. Also you can check out other medical bill payment portals paymydoctor and

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One thought on “Peryourhealth || Pay Medical bills @

  1. I had an original bill owing you $175.09 In less than 6 weeks, I have paid everything, but 20.00 It is ridiculous to receive threatening statements about the age of the account and payment in full is past due. This account is less than 2 months old and it is a joke how you treat people via your statements. I received a statement today that shows my balance is 80.00 when in fact I know my balance is 20.00 I will not pay the 20.00 due until I receive an accurate billing statement from Great Lakes Pathologists. When you send me an accurate statement, my bill will be paid in full. Thank you!
    Brian Hubbartt

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